Coronavirus Quarantine: Encouragement For the Week Ahead

This is going to be a weird week.


Our kids are doing school at home. Many of us are working from home. We’re scrambling as we try to figure out how to do life in this constantly changing, unsettling space right now.

Some of us are excited – whiteboards ready, school spaces set, mobile offices ready to go. Some of us are scrambling, trying to absorb and figure out the details. Some of us are overwhelmed. 

Some of us are scared.

As we walk through this week, may we take this encouragement to heart: 

give yourself grace, 

give yourself space, 


slow your pace.

Give yourself (and your kids) grace. Regardless of how much we are prepared to teach our kids or work from home, it is still an unpredictable situation. Most of our kids have never navigated the waters of homeschooling or a mobile classroom. Many of us are figuring out how to work from home. There’s probably going to be tears and frustration on all sides. Let’s walk into this week accepting that we’re going to do things imperfectly, and that’s okay. This is all new.

Give yourself space. For many families, the next few weeks will bring an unprecedented amount of togetherness. Give yourself space. Whether it is five minutes in the bathroom, ten minutes in a closet, or a blissful hour of quiet, do your best to make it happen on a daily basis. Use that time to breathe, meditate, pray, eat chocolate, cry, read the Bible, scream into a pillow, journal…or just go to the bathroom and ignore the knocks on the door. You’ll be a better parent for it.

Slow your pace. Schools are closed. Extracurricular activities are cancelled. Many of the places where we normally taxi our children to and from are closing or will be closed. It’s easy to fill those unexpected blanks in the calendar with other activities like decluttering, reorganizing, deep cleaning, and other housebound projects that keep us busy. But…this is an unprecedented opportunity to slow down. Read a book (from your personal library or an ebook), read to your kids, take long, leisurely walks, go to bed early, or soak in the sunshine. Journal! (I think it is going to be so interesting to read about this in my journal down the road.) Seize this as an opportunity for your entire family to rest and recharge. Enjoy this fleeting opportunity to live an unhurried lifestyle.

We are in this together, friends. Let’s lift each other up, encourage each other, cheer each other on, and provide a virtual shoulder to cry on (because social distancing). 

And let’s remember that, above all, God’s got this. He’s sovereign, He’s in control, and He has plans for our good (Jer. 29:11). 


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