2019: Just Write

Ha…see what I did there? Oh, 2019, we’re off to a punny start…


What happened in 2018? Why did I suddenly stop blogging?

Well, I have approximately 4.2 million (or nine) half-written blog posts about the craziness and hard things that happened in 2018…situations that just sucked the life right out of me and left me with nothing. Literally…I had no words in the second half of last year. I would sit down to write and NOTHING.

Actually, I take that back. I would start writing, and before I knew it, my post sounded like a bad country song: my dog died, the car broke down again, my body is falling apart, etc. All true things that really did happen, but the posts were downright depressing. No one wants to read that!

Here’s the great part, though: it is no longer 2018! Phew. New year, new goals. Looking back, I realize I was way too hard on my blogging self last year. My goals were too ambitious, and I was flat out trying too hard to make something happen before it was ready to happen.

Moving into this year, I have one blogging goal: just write. I’d like to post once a week, but it might only be once a month, and that’s okay, too. Life is going to be big and beautiful and mundane and messy, just like every other year, but this year I give myself permission to flex with the seasons of life rather than holding myself to impossibly rigid expectations.

As in all things, personal goals are good, but in the big picture, what I really want is to accomplish God’s goals for me this year.

We’ll see what He has in store for 2019!

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