His View: Both Above and Below

Recently, my girls and I braved the cold to do some adventuring on our local park trail. Due to the lack of snow and abundance of cold we have experienced this year, we were treated to the sight of some unusual ice formations. One formation in particular captivated my attention – the surface of the creek had frozen, and yet it was completely dry underneath, so  we could get a rare glimpse at the creek bed itself.


Later that night, while reviewing the pictures I had taken that afternoon, it struck me how unusual it was to be able to clearly see what happens both above and below the water’s surface. And it made me wonder…is this what God’s view of the world is like?

We are like the living things trapped under the ice’s surface – rushed along by forces beyond our control (in this case, water), we spend our days surrounded by a beautiful but decaying world, trying to fight our way upstream and find shelter and safety from the dangers that surround us. If we try to look up, the ice obscures the image above us, allowing us to see some light, at best.

However, if we could just see beyond the ice, we would be treated to the view of a spectacular, sparkling world, with the sun reflecting off of the snow in a dazzling display of light, and living, growing things as far as the eye can see. Beauty beyond comprehension, in comparison to life under the ice.

And God, in his infinite power, can take in both worlds in one sweeping glance. He can not only see us in our daily struggles under the ice, but also the beauty that awaits us once the ice melts and we can finally get a clear view of that majesty.

That day is coming, my friends. Someday that layer of ice that separates us from the glories of heaven will finally melt, and we will be able to leave behind our weary, watery world for the beauty that awaits. Not only will we be surrounded by a beauty like we have never experienced before, but we will be with the Maker of that beauty.

In the meantime, we can rest in the knowledge that He sees both above and below the surface of the ice. Nothing that happens above or below escapes His notice – He has ordained each molecule of water, each whisper of the wind, and knitted them all together as part of His story…a story that includes you and me.

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